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Account Based Sales & innovative Sales Enablement Tools


12 april 2022
Start om 13.30 uur
Einde om 17.00 uur
Brussel, exacte locatie tbc


Sprekers: Koen Dewitte & Alan James


Sprekers: Koen Dewitte & Alan James
Taal: NL/E

In a profession where soft skills are as essential as the ability to forecast revenue, technology designed just to increase productivity isn’t enough. Regardless of their channel choices, buyers are looking to have meaningful connections when they interact with sellers. Today’s sellers must be confident using digital-first methods; they must be disciplined operators who can follow clearly defined processes. They must also be great listeners who can empathetically relate to their customers and prospects. As a result, sales technologies need to do much more than drive efficiencies; they must augment sellers.

For years we have thought of CRM as the ultimate productivity platform for B2B sales professionals. And we agree CRM will continue to play a pivotal role. However, when it comes to augmenting sales reps we have noticed that CRM is not meeting all the requirements of the different sales stake holders and sub functions. Field sales, Channel sales, Inside sales, Sales management, they all need very specific support to increase their productivity

After the marketing department saw the rise of a plethora of marketing tools (Mar Tech), today sales is witnessing the emergence of Sales Tech. Salestech is where sales and technology meet. It's the tools and platforms designed to help sales teams boost their productivity, drive the speed to lead, improve lead coverage, better understand prospects and customers, and ultimately close more deals. Leading companies are now investing in sales technology platforms, or “single panes of glass” that sit on top of the CRM, from which all members of the revenue team can operate. CRM, had more applicability for management (and marketing) to monitor seller activities versus new technology that is specifically designed for sellers and allows them to integrate their workflows right into the platform.
Sales (and Martech) additionally automates the capture of buyer behavioural activity across the revenue cycle, allowing sellers and all revenue team members to leverage those signals to inform future customer interactions and forecasts.

During this training mainly focusing on B2B sales Koen De Witte and Alan James will walk you through the history and future of CRM, the players and the buying criteria. They will also dive deeper into the sales tech space and will talk about very specific and highly innovative productivity tooling, often powered by Artificial Intelligence that boost sales reps productivity.