New competitors, new technologies and new expectations created by ubiquitous mobile connectivity are dramatically reshaping—and disrupting—the retail and consumer products landscape. To keep up, retailers and consumer products manufacturers need to understand their customers better than ever before.

In this ebook, a wide range of experts—including clients, a leading author, analysts, millennials and IBM thought leaders— share their insights about how to capitalize on real-time offers, deliver true omnichannel experiences and appeal to the millions of millennial and millennial-minded consumers whose wants and needs are setting the agenda.

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New technologies have permanently transformed how consumers communicate, interact and research – and how they choose and shop for goods and services. Agile innovators have taken advantage of technology to develop new business models, services and offerings that have disrupted the retail landscape and changed consumers’ expectations. Retailers must respond by finding new ways to understand, engage and serve consumers in an always-on tech-addicted world.

2015 IBM Retail Solutions Guide



Shoppers have experienced tremendous disruption in the past four years. The explosion of online and mobile technologies, the spread of social networks, a new generation of advanced analytics – all of these and more have combined to create an omnichannel environment that has completely transformed both the shopping experience and customer expectations. When and how will a “new normal” emerge, and what will it look like? To find out, the IBM Institute for Business Value analyzed more than 110,000 responses to global surveys from 2011-2014 to reveal how the speed and intensity of customers’ changing attitudes and behaviors translate into must-haves for retailers.

Shoppers Disrupted Retailing through the noise



Smart is… Listening for changes in consumers’ culinary desires and responding dynamically with timely information and promotions

Using a web-development platform built with IBM digital experience software, Amadori Group integrates its highly interactive website with public social networking sites and applies IBM predictive analytics software to dynamically monitor what consumers say about the Amadori brand and products. The software analyzes relevant free text against structured company data, such as user profile information, to uncover hidden attitudes and opinions. Amadori uses the resulting insight to identify culinary buying habits, foster consumers who influence others’ purchasing decisions and refine its products, website and digital marketing campaigns to generate more sales.

Amadori Converts consumer sentiments into near-real-time sales